Other nifty features

  • Great customer service

    With 20+ years in the industry, we’ll resolve any of your issues and keep you up-to-date throughout the process.

  • 30-day warranty

    Want to feel extra secure about your iPhone? We include a 30-day warranty that covers the very unlikely chance of defects or malfunctions with the parts we replaced.

  • Fixed pricing

    No hidden costs or extras. Just fixed, transparent pricing to repair your phone. Breaking your phone was one nasty surprise too many.

  • Accessories Too

    Need a screen cover or case to prevent future accidents? We’d be happy to sell you high-quality covers, cases, and chargers for your phone.

But don`t just take our word for it

But dont just take our word for it


ExpressTech came to my work location on Monday, and did a stellar job fixing my shattered phone screen. Prompt, courteous, and affordable service that I simply can't say enough good things about. Thank you for being so wonderful!!

Andrea estimate star estimate star estimate star estimate star estimate star

Eyob came to my home on Tuesday and did a phenomenal job. He was very polite, i opened my door and he stepped in and to the side to wait for me to lead the way into my house, i appreciated that. He fixed my iPhone and did a great job even installed my glass screen protector i was hesitant to do myself. Very happy with the service and have since recommended my friends in the region to call up ExpressTech if they have a cracked phone screen in need of repair. Eyob does an amazing job!!

Will estimate star estimate star estimate star estimate star estimate star

Great guy, even on a busy day. Forgot his name, but he didn't make the visit awkward like some other services. Said he had traveled a lot that day; still managed to fix my phone in under an hour, while coordinating on his own phone with his coworkers. I'm surprised, obviously outstanding service.

Anonymous estimate star estimate star estimate star estimate star estimate star

My technician was so friendly and wonderful that I enjoyed my visit with her almost as much as I enjoyed getting my phone fixed! Her name was Rocio. If I ever needed service again, I would request her personally.

Sara estimate star estimate star estimate star estimate star estimate star
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Absolutely loved the tech that came out to repair my phone. He arrived on time and was extremely professional and friendly. I'd recommend him to anyone needing phone repair. Excellent service and satisfied w/ the fix. I liked the convenience of having someone come to my desired location for the repair.

Anonymous estimate star estimate star estimate star estimate star estimate star

Brilliant training, response and delivery in record speed time! I absolutely loved and appreciated the expert service and delivery!!!! No cut fingers using my link to the world's brand new screen on my iPhone 6Plus!

Janyce estimate star estimate star estimate star estimate star estimate star

A Few Friendly ExpressTechs

  • Tyler
    Tyler Bayliss Asheville, NC

    You'll be happy to see Tyler if you break your phone anywhere near Asheville - award winning customer service!

  • Hagele Alan
    Alan Hagele Charlotte, NC

    Alan is a well studied authorized contractor in the computer support and services world with heavy experience repairing micro electronics and personal devices.

  • Jackson Torey
    Torey Jackson Baltimore, MD

    Torey is a highly skilled, 7 year certified phone repair technician who was here the day we certified our very first group of ExpressTechs!

  • Ketsela Samuel
    Ketsela Samuel Nashville, TN

    Samuel brings years of experience to ExpressTech and has played an important role in opening our Nashville market.

  • Kiernan Jason
    Kiernan Jason Fayetteville, NC

    As a Communications Security & Equipment specialist with diverse electrical know-how, Jason makes phone problems go away!

  • Saini Rajpal
    Rajpal Saini Washington, DC

    With training in computer hardware, science and tons of exposure to on-site, off-site, (everywhere site) computer and micro-electronic repairs, Rajpal's skills serve him well as an ExpressTech.

  • James Smith
    James Smith Greenville, NC

    Master Technician James has been providing award winning customer service for over 10 years and is an honored Senior Technician within our organization.


  • What do you repair?

    We currently repair iPhone screens, front/back cameras, charging ports, batteries and home buttons. More services to come!

  • Do you take cash payments?

    We currently only accept major debit/credit card payments through our secure, online portal.

  • How quick is the service

    We can make repairs within 60 minutes on the same day you order. We carry all parts with us, meaning zero delays.

  • Can you come to my Home / Office etc.

    Our technicians (within reason!) will come and repair your device – wherever you are.