Easy iPhone Screen Repair

Of all the issues that can happen to an iPhone, a cracked screen is one of the most common.

Broken Apple iPhone`s Screen repair

The glass covering the touchscreen of your iPhone is made of durable materials; however, cracks and nicks are known to happen due to the constant use and activity that these devices.

When the touchscreen of your screen cracks due to impact, there is no way to predict how the glass will react. Older iPhone models were known to crack evenly from one side of the bezel to the other; this type of fissure does not interfere too much with touch gestures, however, the cracks seen in newer iPhone models tend to spread across the glass like a spider web, thereby distorting images and affecting functionality.

Due to the advanced features of Apple devices, you may think that iPhone screen repair is a very difficult task; however, this is not the case.

When handled by the technicians of ExpressTech, iPhone screen repair is easy and effective.

Easy-iphone-repair at work, home or anywhere

With ExpressTech, you can simply go online and schedule a repair based on your device and the type of damage; in most cases, ExpressTech will be able to provide same-day iPhone screen repair service right at your home or place of work.

Accidentally broke your iphone
ExpressTech – Accidentally broke your iphone? Fix it today

Convenient Service While You Wait

With our iPhone screen repair service, you can watch as our technicians work their magic to bring your device back to normal in less than an hour, which means that you will be able to get back to using your iPhone sooner than expected.

ExpressTech does not compromise your device with cheap replacement screens.

We only acquire parts that adhere to the strict guidelines set by Apple, and our parts and labor are covered by a 30-day warranty. If your screen damage was caused by an unfortunate accident, you may want to consider getting one of the stylish protective covers and iPhone cases we offer.

In terms of pricing, the iPhone screen repair services offered by ExpressTech are reasonable and affordable,

particularly when compared to similar services offered by Apple,

which can be as high as $279 for iPhone owners who are not covered by the Apple Care protection plan.

stop over priced iphone repair
Stop over priced iPhone repair

Aside from screen repairs, we can also repair your iPhone cameras, home button and charging ports. We can also replace your battery if it is no longer holding a charge. We accept all major credit cards and plan to offer more repair services in the near future.